Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kaka 'Slank' Peluk Tubuh dan Cium Bibir Syahrini

Jakarta - The intimate hug Kaka 'Slank' against Syahrini when appearingon show 's birthdaysome time ago Slank Slank vocalist considered this as a form of expression of the stage .

"I heard he said some fans Syahrini not received, only this time it's just not that so Syahrini only guest star to make gimik Slank and all that fun," said Kaka 'Slank' sidelines of the 1000 Band United: Uniting Overcome Disasters in BUPERTA Cibubur , East Jakarta, Saturday (19/12).

Kaka added in an appearance, especially the concert required the attention of the audience to enliven the event. That's what he wanted to convey when Syahrini hug on stage.

"It's a concert yes. It's about eye and ear. So all the attention it from how we see and hear the concert," he explained. [aji]