Saturday, January 1, 2011

TAIPEI - ivy, joanne & tequila, shih chien university, 12/25/10

The blog is celebrating today its 5th anniversary.
I can't believe it.
A book, a visual diary, a web TV show (A NY episode will be up in a few weeks and more to come), several collaborations with big brands and all these incredible travels... from a 'little streetstyle blog', Facehunter has evolved into a multi-platforms exploration of contemporary culture!
Thanks everyone from around the world to support the blog for months and years!
I'll have a myriad of new projects, adventures, videos and photos to share with you in 2011. Stay tuned.
I wish you wonderful year.

PS - You can already see on my visual diary the photos of the 3 first stops of my Asian Tour:
Kuala Lumpur